In 1995, Wayne Barnett first started designing, producing and selling aluminum cutters and molds for baking from an old trolley car depot near Joliet, Illinois.

Since then, the company he founded added the ability to produce small or large quantities of custom cutters for cultural events, fundraising and other special needs applications. Barnd’ts holds patents on the processes it uses to produce it’s unique line of cutters.

In 2005 a new product was added to the line to compliment the already successful cutter line. Barnd’ts Edible Photos are made from the highest quality FDA and Kosher approved materials. The inks and base that make up the Edible Photos have a shelf life of approximately one year when kept in their air-tight zip lock bag in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not necessary.

The decision to add the Edible Photo line was a customer-driven one. There were some shapes clients were requesting for custom cutters that were too complex to be a cutter. The Edible Photos allow great detail and full color to be placed on your cookies, cakes, brownies, etc;

If you have any questions about EMC Innovations, our line of baking cutters or our Edible Photos, please contact us at the number or address below.